Authentication controllers

Some consoles check if a controller is a genuine controller. Our controllers are unoffical, so we need to trick the console into thinking our controller is genuine.

There are currently two ways to trick the console

  1. Pass the check to an offical controller, by plugging a genuine controller into your Pi Pico. (This method only works on the Pi Pico)
  2. Mod the console. There is a patch for the Xbox 360 that removes the authentication check.

Consoles needing authentication

  • Xbox 360, though this can be patched away using UsbdSecPatch on RGHed consoles
  • Xbox One and Series
  • PS4 / PS5, but only if you are not playing Rock Band 4. For RB4, you can use PS3 mode and the controllers won't require auth.

Passing authentication checks to a legitimate controller

You can follow the USB Inputs guide. When USB Inputs are enabled, authentication checks will automatically be passed to a controller.

Supported controllers

Xbox 360: most controllers should work

Xbox One / Series: The Xbox One or Series gamepads will work here, third party controllers do not.

PS4: DS4 works, most other controllers should work too.

PS5: A "typed"` controller is needed. A GHLive dongle or a MAGPS4 should work for this, or a PS4 drumkit, guitar, wheel or fight stick. A DS4 or DS5 will NOT work here.

Xbox 360 RGH

You can use UsbdSecPatch module to patch out the authentication checks on an RGH modded console.


  1. Mod your console and install dashlaunch
  2. Copy the xex file from above to your console
  3. Add it as a plugin to dashlaunch
  4. Unplug your controller, and plug it in AFTER the boot animation.