Setting up emulation of a PS2 controller


  • A controller built using one of the other guides

  • A microcontroller

    • The Pi Pico is recommended, but other 3.3v microcontrollers like the 3.3v pro micro may work. 5v only microcontrollers will NOT work.
  • A PS2 controller plug

  • Some Wire

  • A Soldering Iron


NEVER plug in both the usb cable to your computer, and the PS2, it can only ever be plugged into one device at a time!


  1. Connect pins according to the below table.

    For beginners we provide a recommended pinout below for each microcontroller. If these pins don't work for you, you can use one of the advanced pinouts below. Note that the Pi Pico has multiple channels, and SCK, MOSI and MISO need to be from the same channel.

    Adapter pinout

    Microcontroller SCK / Clock / Blue MOSI / Command / Orange MISO / Data / Brown Acknowledge / Green Attention / Yellow
    Pi Pico (Recommended) GP6 GP4 GP3 GP7 GP10
    Pro Micro, Leonardo, Micro (Recommended) 15 16 14 7 10
    Uno (Recommended) 13 11 12 2 10
    Mega (Recommended) 52 51 50 2 10
    Pi Pico (Advanced, Channel 0) GP2, GP6, GP18 GP0, GP4, GP16, GP20 GP3, GP7, GP19 Any Any
    Pi Pico (Advanced, Channel 1) GP10, GP14, GP26 GP8, GP12, GP28 GP11, GP15, GP27 Any Any
    Pro Micro, Leonardo, Micro (Advanced) 15 16 14 Any Any
    Uno (Advanced) 13 11 12 Any Any
    Mega (Advanced) 52 51 50 Any Any
  2. Connect the VCC on the microcontroller to the VCC on the plug

    • On the Pi Pico, use VSYS
    • On the 3.3V Pro Micro, use VCC
  3. Connect the gnd pin to the gnd on your microcontroller.

  4. If your plug doesn't already connect device detect to VCC inside the cable, connect device detect to VCC.


  1. Start Santroller with your microcontroller plugged in.
  2. Hit Configure
  3. Click on Add Setting
  4. Find PS2 Controller Emulation in the dropdown and add it
  5. For the Pi Pico, set your SCK, MOSI, and MISO pins
  6. Set your Acknowledge and Attention pins