PS2 DualShock 2 Controller

Latency of an input from a PS2 DualShock 2 Controller.

Measured by connecting it to the microcontroller in question, and then sending a signal to toggle cross button input, and timing how long it takes that signal to reach a target device over USB. Note that the PS2 controllers send a LOT more data over the controller bus, due to the buttons being analog. This in turn increases the latency, and since the buttons are all analog, it also just takes longer for the controller itself to detect an input. Consoles normally don't poll these controllers all that often either.

microcontroller Pi Pico Pi Pico
firmware new old
poll rate 1 ms 1 ms
min 1.46 ms 1.63 ms
max 12.24 ms 65.5 ms
avg 6.37 ms 15.44 ms
stddev 2.96 ms 11.51 ms
%on time 62% 32%
%1f skip 38% 55%
%2f skip 0% 13%
%3f skip 0% 87%

Note that in the below graph, you can click on legends to show and hide different controllers when comparing.